Best Gas Grill For The Money Reviews According To Consumer Reports

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The incredible aroma of BBQ food is something to die for. In the States, BBQ holds a special place in the hearts of people because everybody knows that there is nothing like the taste of a smoked meat whose juices are dripping from all corners.

BBQ food has a nostalgic feeling attached to it, which could be another reason why it tastes so amazingly delicious.

Where most BBQ enthusiasts would advocate for charcoal grills because they think that the authentic flavors are only obtained from a grill that uses charcoal as a fuel.

However, there is a different group as well who believes that grilling is all about convenience, and with charcoal grills, one will have to arrange for a bag of charcoal every time, which is not easy at all.

If that is not enough, then there is a wastage of time because coals take time to reach cooking temperature. And, there are dozens of other issues as well such as uneven heat, messy operation, and tedious cleaning.

Gas Grills: The Best Alternative

Whatever the shortcomings were in charcoal grills, those were eliminated in gas grills, which is why they are widely used in the US today.

Gas grills are fast, convenient and reliable. Although, it may take some time to clean the grate and grease tray, apart from that, using a gas grill is nothing less than fun.

If you are digging into gas grills and want to know as to which the best gas grill for the money is, then read on.

Top 3 Best Gas Grill For The Money

1. Weber Genesis II E-210 Natural Gas Grill

A highly versatile gas grill by Weber, this allows you to grill hamburgers, hot dogs & corncobs, and smoke ribs & briskets in the most efficient manner.

This grill suits families with large outdoor spaces as well as those who don’t have much space in their backyards.

With this grill at your disposal, you can easily cook food for up to four people. Equipped with the latest technology, you will not have to babysit the food while it is being cooked on the grill.

Best Gas Grill For The Money

Reasons To Buy Weber Genesis II E-210 Gas Grill

GS4 Grilling System With Infinity Ignition: The first notable feature in the unit is its advanced heating system that comprises three components, which are; infinity ignitor, burners, and flavorizer bars. Where infinity ignitor helps start the grill easily, the burners ensure that all areas of the grill’s cooking area receive equal heat. The role of flavorizer bars is to catch juices that flow off the meat and convert them to smoke, thus adding an intrinsic smoky flavor.

iGrill3 Bluetooth System Compatibility: You can buy an iGrill3 thermometer and connect it with Weber iGrill app to monitor the temperature inside the cooking area as well as the fuel tank from anywhere in the house. You don’t have to remain in proximity to the grill to check the temperature of the food.

Tuck-Away Warming Rack: You aren’t just getting a 380 square inch of cooking space in this grill, but you are also getting a 114 square inch of warming rack, which is placed right above the main cooking area. This rack comes in handy when you are looking to serve all the food at once, but want the food items that you have cooked the earliest to remain hot and fresh.

Grease-Catching System: An efficient grease catching system results in less time to clean up the unit, and it also reduces the chances of uncontrolled flames. In this grill, the grease-catching system is placed on the exterior of the unit, so the grease slides down to a drip pan, keeping the interior of the grill clean.

Built-In Storage: Having a few cooking tools within reach makes things easier, right? Well, this grill has got six built-in tools on the side where you can hang serving spoons, pans, and many other cooking tools. There is a fold down side table given in the grill to get you some extra space for preparing food or to transfer the food from the grill to the plate.

2. Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill

Previous One was the Genesis line of the gas grill by Weber, and the one we are discussing now is the Spirit line of the gas grill by Weber.

This is another promising grill by Weber that is compact, elegant, but a high-performance unit. It can easily serve up to four people, so if you are looking for a nice, functioning grill for your family, then this one is definitely worth taking a look.

Weber has launched a new model of E-210 in 2018, so if you want to know as to why you should invest your money in this grill, then here are some valid reasons:

Best gas grill for the money

Reasons To Buy Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill

Multiple Lid Colors: If you are serious about the looks of the grill, then this Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill will not disappoint you. It comes in four lid colors, which are black, red, blue and ivory.

Storage Cabinet: This is a welcome addition, as you can now add tools in the cabinet to be used later on easily. The previous model didn’t have a storage cabinet.

GS4 Grilling System: Just like the Genesis II E-210 gas grill, this one also constitutes of a GS4 Grilling system, which results in faster and more efficient grilling with grease turning into the aroma, thus injecting the food with complex flavors.

iGrill3 Compatibility: This grill is also compatible with iGrill3, which is an app-connected thermometer that lets users check the temperature of the food from a distance as well. In order to check the temperature, you need to install the iGrill3 app on the smartphone.

Decent Cooking Area: You get 360 square inches of primary cooking space in this grill, which is sufficient to grill for a family of four. Moreover, there is a 90 square inch warming rack available as well.

Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Cooking Grates, Flavorizer Bars And Lid: The cooking grates are made of cast iron and are coated with porcelain, which retains heat in a much better way and gives the meat those beautiful grill marks.

3. Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill

This is another high-performance gas grill that is immensely popular among BBQ enthusiasts.

This is a 2-burner cabinet grill that has a heating capacity of around 24,000 BTUs, which is good enough to cook food at high temperatures.

Moreover, the 300 square inch of cooking area ensures that a large quantity of food can be cooked at a time.

The overall look and feel of the grill are spectacular because of the porcelain-coated cast iron grates that don’t just retain heat excellently but also leave those famous grill marks on the meat.

Moreover, the grill grates are rust-resistant, thus preventing the food from sticking on the grates.

As far as burners are concerned, these are made of stainless steel and promise excellent cooking performance.

There isn’t much effort required to start the fire, as there is an electronic ignition system provided in the unit.

Just push the button and the fire is lit. If you need more space to keep your cooking tools, then you can unfold the fold-down metal side shelves.

To store the fuel tank, the company has provided a storage cabinet with a door. The grill stands firm on four casters, which provide easy mobility.

best gas grill for the money

Reasons To Buy Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill

Decent Cooking Space: A cooking area of around 300 square inches is not small. To give you an idea as to how much space you will get, then you can easily grill 16 burgers on this grill. Besides 300 square inches of main cooking area, you will get a 100 square inch of warming rack as well for toasting buns or keeping the food warm until it is served.

Porcelain-Coated Lid & Stainless UFC: The lid is made up of steel and is given the coating of porcelain whereas the UFC is made of stainless steel, thus have the proficiency to withstand tough weather condition and add to the aesthetic appeal of the grill.

Stainless Steel Top-Ported Burners: Two top-ported burners are made up of stainless steel, which makes them durable and long lasting. It is easier to manage and control the temperature on these burners.

Metal Side Shelves: If you want to carry out some preparation side by side, then you can use these side shelves, which can also be folded down if not in use.

Lid-Mounted Temperature Gauge: In order to control the level of heat, this temperature gauge can come very handy.

Cabinet & Casters: The company has provided a storage cabinet where you can keep the fuel tank. The grill stands on four casters out of which the rear ones are locked for easy mobility.

Removable Grease Pan: The grease is accumulated in a porcelain coated grease pan, which can be easily removed and cleaned.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying A Gas Grill


The size is a very crucial factor because you don’t want to end up buying a grill that makes your backyard clumsy.

It should fit in well with the aesthetics of your house. For houses with small backyards, it is better to buy a medium-sized grill, the ones we have discussed above.

Your focus should be on buying a grill that despite having a mid-sized cooking area is capable of getting you large amounts of food.


You can find gas grills from $100 to $3000 price range, so you need to zero down on the features that you need to see in the gas grill.

You need to find a balance between the budget and price in order to find that ideal gas grill for your in-house grilling adventure.


Check as to how many burners are included in the grill. But, you need to be careful because, with the increase in the number of burners, the size of the grill also gets bigger.

Outline your requirements and then, take a decision as to how many burners you would like to have in the grill.

Fuel Type

Gas grills are operated with one of the two fuel types, which are natural gas and propane gas. Each of these fuel types has its own advantage and drawback.

If you have bought a gas grill that operates on natural gas, then you need to ensure that there is a supply for natural gas in your house.

If you have chosen a gas grill that works on propane gas, then you may come across a situation when the cylinder is exhausted in between the cooking process and you have no other cylinder to connect with the grill. Propane gas is expensive than natural gas but the food is cooked faster.


The safety of the grill is of paramount importance, so just check if the edges of the grill aren’t sharp because if they are, then you could get hurt.

The grill should firmly stand on the ground or else the oil or the grease would splash on you or anybody who is standing near to the grill.


If you have made up your mind to buy the best gas grill for the money, then you need to go through the reviews of the three best gas grills that we have discussed above.

We have made your task a lot easier by elaborating three of the best products that are available on the market.

It totally depends upon the cooking space and features you want in the grill as to which gas grill makes it to your house.

So, make a list of things you want to see in a gas grill and then, begin with the selection process.