How To Identify The Best Pellet Smoker For The Money: Buying Guide

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Food tastes a lot better if it is smoked in a pellet smoker. The secret lies in the wood pellets that burn and spread a wonderful aroma around the food. Cooking on a pellet smoker is fun indeed, as it ensures cooking of the food at even temperatures.

Pellet smokers are easy to use, so those who are searching for a ‘set-and-forget’ smoker, then pellet smoker is arguably the best choice. Users just need to calibrate the digital controller to set the right temperature and let the food cook over that temperature.

However, all this facility and convenience can only be enjoyed if the smoker is branded, efficient and durable.

Simply putting, the entire aim is to get the best pellet smoker for the money because one, smokers don’t come cheap these days and second, if a person is investing a huge sum in buying a smoker, then he/she would like to see it functioning efficiently for a good number of years.

Let’s discuss as to which are the best value for money pellet smokers that are currently available on the market.

Top 3 Best Pellet Smoker For The Money

1. Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Let me start with a spacious cooking area of this grill, i.e., 418 square inches. You can cook a lot of food with great precision on this amazing product. This unit works as a grill and smoker, which means, you get the best of both worlds in a single cookware.

Get full control over high temperatures in order to cook delicious food, let it be chicken, ribs, briskets or anything else. The unit is equally efficient in cooking at low temperatures.

You don’t have to worry about food being undercooked or overcooked, as the machine is equipped with certain technology that ensures proper cooking of the food.

To start the fire, you don’t have to light a matchbox or indulge yourself in any tiresome task, as the machine incorporates an advanced electronic auto-start ignition system.

Best pellet smoker for the money

Reasons to buy Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill

  • Ideal Smoker For Cooking At Different Temperatures: When it comes to versatility, there is no match for this smoker, as you get a complete control over the temperature that you have set for grilling a particular type of food. You can easily grill burgers and veggies, which are cooked at low temperatures and you can easily smoke pork and beefsteaks, which need high temperatures to cook.
  • Top-Notch Digital Elite Controller: It is due to this controller that the smoker is able to cook evenly with balanced flavors regardless of what kind of food it is. With this smoker, you can cook fearlessly. You don’t have to worry about the food being over or undercooked because no such thing is going to happen.
  • Large Grilling Area: A smoker that allows you a large grilling area is always better because you can cook more food in one go. This is one such smoker that comprises of the large cooking area, i.e., 418 square inches, which is good enough to prepare food for small gatherings of around 15-20 guests.
  • Sturdy & Robust Unit: In order to ensure the efficiency of this smoker, the company has added strong and wide legs to the base of the smoker, which keeps the smoker steady for the long duration of the cooking session.
  • Easy To Clean: The porcelain coating on grill grates makes it easier for users to clean the unit. Had this coating not been there, the time takes to clean the grates would be a lot more.

2. Camp Chef PG24DLX Deluxe Pellet Grill and Smoker

This is another pellet smoker that I couldn’t get my eyes off. Camp Chef has built a piece of beauty and to make things more interesting, the company has added a number of features too. A cooking area of 570 square inches, precise temperature control, digital control panel, ash removal system and more, this smoker has got it all that a BBQ enthusiast would wish to have in a smoker.

With this smoker, you don’t have to worry about food being overcooked or undercooked. Moreover, you can easily set the precise temperature and once you do so, the smoker automatically supplies pellets to the grill to maintain that temperature. The temperature range of the smoker is also wide, i.e., 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The smoker sports a digital display, which means, you can check the internal temperature of the food by inserting the meat probe that comes along with the unit.

As it is a pellet smoker, it is supposed to produce ash. However, if you are thinking that the operation of this unit will be messy, then you’re wrong. There is an ash removal system, which allows you to clean up the ash in a matter of a few seconds.

Best pellet grill for the money

Reasons To Buy Camp Chef PG24DLX Deluxe Pellet Grill and Smoker

  • Beautiful & Intelligent Construction: This smoker is stunningly beautiful, but at the same time, it is intelligently designed. You will not have to indulge in a tiresome task of cleaning the unit after a long cooking session because all the fat and grease drips to the bucket that is given on the side. Therefore, you can clean up the bucket along with the cup containing ash, and with that, 80% of the cleaning process is done for you.
  • A Set-And-Forget-Unit: Cooking on this smoker is fun and exciting rather than boring and tiresome. You can easily set the desired temperature and move onto other tasks. The smoker will ensure that the food is cooked properly and will automatically add the necessary amount of pellets to the grill.
  • Versatile Smoker: This smoker is all about versatility, as it can smoke, grill, bake, braise, bake, roast and barbecue.
  • Large Cooking Surface: You will get a cooking area of around 570 square inches in which 429 square inches is the cooking area and 141 square inches is upper rack area.
  • Easy Monitoring Of Cooking Temperature: You get a wide range of temperature to select from. Moreover, you can easily monitor the temperature at which the food is being cooked by inserting the meat probe thermometer.

3. Pit Boss 72700S Pellet Grill

Pit Boss is a renowned name in the field of smokers and there are many reasons as to why smokers by Pit Boss are bought by users.

Pit Boss knows how to design a classy smoker and on top of that, the company has a clear perspective as to what kind of features need to be added to the machine in order to make it a perfect smoker.

The 700S series from Pit Boss is a prime example of how smokers should look and work like.

The model we are discussing today is beautiful, versatile, user-friendly and safe.

To enhance the safety, the company has added an upgraded cart along with locking caster wheels.

When the smoker is holding its ground firmly, then you can cook your favorite meals without any problem, and for that, you will get a large cooking space of 700 square inches.

This includes the area of a 2nd-tier rack. The company claims that this is an 8-in-1 grill, as it can cook food in eight different styles.

This happens because of the wide temperature range of the smoker, i.e., 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The flavor of 100% Natural Hardwood Pellets will definitely excite taste buds and crave for more and more of the smoker. For a truly satisfying grilling experience, you need to have a grill like this one.

Best pellet smoker for the money

Reasons To Buy Pit Boss 72700S Pellet Grill

  • Large Cooking Surface: A smoker is all about cooking your favorite meals, and if you are getting a large cooking space of about 700 square inches, then there is nothing more you could ask for. With such a large cooking space, you can organize small parties with ease.
  • Digitally Controlled Burn System: You can easily choose your preferred cooking styles, all thanks to the digital control system that this grill incorporates. You don’t have to get into the hassle of adjusting the temperature frequently during the cooking process because the unit is smart enough to do it on its own. The smoker also has a standard flame broiler, which can be used to cook food rather quickly.
  • 8-in-1 Cooking Styles: This grill is as versatile as it gets. You get to cook meals in 8 different styles, which are; roast, grill, bake, braise, sear, smoke, barbecue, and char-grill the food to perfection.
  • Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grates: You won’t get the problem of uneven cooking or food sticking on the grates because of the porcelain coating on the grates that are made of cast iron.
  • Upgraded Cart With Locking Castor Wheels: No matter how long the cooking session goes, this grill is not going anywhere, all thanks to the upgraded cart with locking caster wheels, which will firmly keep the unit to its vertical base.

How To Use A Pellet Smoker?

Using a pellet smoker is far easier than charcoal or wood smokers because of the automated operation of smokers. The working of a pellet smoker can be compared with electric smokers in terms of simplicity.

Here Is How You Can Use A Pellet Smoker:

  1. First confirm that you have enough fuel, which in this case are wood pellets. Fill the hopper with wood pellets to the top and then, you can expect the smoker to work without any interruption for the next few hours.
  2. Turn on the smoker using the mechanism given in the unit. Most pellet smokers are now equipped with an electric startup, which means the smoker can be turned on with a simple press of a button.
  3. Wait until the smoker warms up a bit. If you want to know how much time will it take for the unit to warm up, then it is about 10-15 minutes (varies from smoker to smoker).
  4. Load the smoker with your favorite meat and start the cooking process.
  5. This is all about ‘how to use a pellet smoker’, which in my opinion is extremely easy, as you don’t have to manually ignite the fire or refill the fuel in between the cooking process.

How To Quickly Clean A Pellet Smoker?

  1. To prolong the life of your pellet smoker, you must make a habit to thoroughly clean it after each use.
  2. Begin with dumping the wood pellets for which, you can place a bucket under the quick dump given at the back of the hopper.
  3. Remove grill grates, heat baffle, and drip tray. Then, spray the cleaning liquid all over the grates. Wait for 10 minutes and then, wipe the grates with a cloth and soapy water.
  4. If you are doing a quick clean, then you just need to vacuum the soot and ash out of the bottom of the unit.


It is extremely important for you to find the best pellet smoker for the money because if you buy a smoker that doesn’t perform to a level that you were expecting it to work, then you will be left extremely disappointed.

Make sure that you invest your money in the right product in order to get the desired results each time.

Go through the three pellet smokers that we have discussed above and select a pellet smoker that you think suits your requirements in the best way.