Which Online Shopping Site Is The Best Place To Buy A Grill?

E-commerce has brought a paradigm shift in the way commodities are sold and bought. From hairpin to airplane, everything is sold online these days.

Back in the day, people were a bit skeptical about buying stuff online, with as the time progressed, online shopping become a trend worldwide.

Of all the niches of products that are being sold online, kitchen and cooking products are among the most popular ones.

Take grills, for example, most people prefer to buy grills for their in-house BBQ adventure through various online stores that are available today.

According to them, the internet is the best place to buy a grill because one gets to see all the suitable options with video tutorials and infographics on how to use a particular brand of grill.

Moreover, the presence of customer reviews for each and every grill makes decision making a lot easier.

With so many online stores available these days, it becomes a tedious task to select one store and buy because every store has something special to lure customers.

Online stores are filled with great offers such as cash-backs, no cost EMIs, free delivery and other lucrative schemes.

But, we have been able to shortlist five best markets from where you can buy the best grill for your home. Let’s begin discussing each of those online stores one by one.


  • Average traffic: 1.9 billion/month
  • Traffic share: 54.1%
best place to buy a grill

What started as an online bookstore has now become the world’s biggest online multiproduct store.

A countless number of products are being sold on Amazon every day, thus making it the busiest online shopping center of the world.

You can find all the top brands that manufacture grill on Amazon, thus giving you the widest range of options to choose your favorite grill.

To make your selection easier, you can go through the genuine questions asked by the consumers along with customer reviews, especially from those having a ‘Verified Purchase’ tag.

Amazon provides you with half a dozen modes to pay for the product that you intend to buy. The reason Amazon is at the top of the list of online stores has a lot to do with the assurance that it gives to its customers regarding the products that are listed in the store.

Buying a grill from Amazon is going to be a fruitful experience because you will get the best product at a price that will be obviously less than the actual market price.


  • Average traffic: 817.6 million/month
  • Traffic share: 23.7%
Best place to buy a grill

If in case you are not able to find a suitable product on Amazon.com, then the next online store that you’d be looking at is going to be most probably eBay.

A platform that is mostly considered for auctioning of products, you can buy a grill on eBay, but there won’t be many offers to help you get a better deal than Amazon.

You can take part in an auction of a grill, and if you are lucky, you could get your hands on a grill that you were vying all these days. Ebay is good, but it isn’t as good as Amazon.

Still, you could stumble upon some great products on the website. eBay has a large repertoire of used products, so if you are interested in getting a 2nd hand grill, then you can get that on eBay and that too in a mint condition.


  • Average traffic: 339.0 million/month
  • Traffic share: 9.8%
Best place to buy a grill

If there is someone who could compete with top online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay, then it has to be Walmart.

Don’t underestimate Walmart because it is one of the oldest one-stop stores for Americans. People can buy anything and everything in a supermarket named ‘Walmart’.

In terms of revenues, Walmart has a definitive edge over Amazon and other top online shopping sites.

A large number of suppliers are associated with Walmart than other shopping platforms. You can check out Walmart in order to find a decent grill, and I’m sure that you will come across many exciting products to choose from.

The only time you will be left disappointed while buying a product from Walmart is when looking for some offers.

You may get some great offers on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but apart from that, there won’t much to look forward to.


HomeDepot may not be as big and famous as Amazon or eBay, yet it holds a significant market share in the US. People consider buying products online on HomeDepot because they get surprise online deals quite often on the website, especially during the holiday season.

There is a significant difference in the price of products that are sold at HomeDepot than those sold in a shopping center.

Where some products are sold at a lesser value than the actual market price, but there are many products that are sold at a higher price.

I will not recommend buying grills and grilling equipment from HomeDepot simply because those will be overpriced compared to the products sold on Amazon.

For normal household products, HomeDepot is good, not for bigger units such as a grill, microwave oven or refrigerator, etc.


best place to buy a grill

Lowe’s is another top online shopping site for buying products related to home improvement. What I like the most about this website is that they great discounts on the products especially for the festive season.

If you are looking to buy large appliances for your home, then Lowe’s is an ideal shopping store for you, as you will get products in mint condition along with excellent deals.

The same can’t be said for small appliances. When you are planning to buy a few items for your home in the off-season, then you won’t be able to get any discounts.

Cleaning products that are sold on the website are of excellent quality, so if you are looking for some cleaning items for your grill, then Lowe’s is the site to approach.

After analyzing all the websites, it’s clear that Amazon is the most suitable website for buying grills. But, why is that so? Let’s find out in the next section. 

What Makes Amazon The Best Place To Buy A Grill?

There are a number of factors that make Amazon the best place to buy a grill. Let us discuss those factors one by one:

  • Best Prices: I really find the prices of products that are sold on Amazon to be the best. Not once have I bought the product at regular price on Amazon. When it comes to grills, you could easily get 10-15% discount if you purchase it on Amazon. With so many items listed on the platform and so many sellers competing with each other, it is the consumer who will benefit the most.
  • Huge Selection: Like I mentioned above, Amazon provides a wide selection of products to choose from. If you want to buy the best grill for your house, then you should look at all the top options available on the market. If you have zeroed down on a certain model of the grill, then you will see a couple of comparable items from other brands. This type of comparison will help you get the perfect grill for your in-house grilling adventure.
  • Reliability: Amazon is a top name when it comes to online shopping, so it becomes the prerogative of the company to deliver products to its customers in a proper and timely manner. If you’ve ordered a grill from Amazon, then you’re going to get exactly what you’ve seen on the website. There won’t be any scratch, dent or any other type of damage on the product. 
  • Fast & Cheap Shipping: Ordering a grill from Amazon is not going to burn a hole in your pocket. If you think that you are going to be charged an extra cost of shipping because you are buying a grill, then that’s not going to happen. The shipping rate is going to be realistic, plus the shipping time will be fast, thus not making you wait for weeks to see your product finally arriving at your doorstep. You can buy multiple products at once and ship them to your address in order to further reduce the cost of shipping. Amazon ships most items within 2 days, so you can expect your grill to arrive at your home in a matter of 2 days, which is not possible with other shopping sites.
  • Trusted: You can confirm the quality of the grill that you are looking to purchase by going through the reviews. Every popular item will have hundreds of reviews, which will make it easier to make a decision about whether to buy that product or not. Moreover, there is a section in which customers have asked questions related to the product, so you can go through that section in order to find out as to what you are going to get in the product.

Final Verdict

Buying a grill is an important decision because the type of grill you choose will decide the quality of food you will get.

If you invest in a good quality grill, then you can expect it to provide you with delicious, mouth-watering food every single time.

In order to get the best grill, you need to scour the best online shopping site, i.e., Amazon. When it comes to the best place to buy a grill, there is no other platform that could beat Amazon.

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