How To Choose The Best Simple Blender On The Market: Nutribullet vs Ninja

Blender shopping isn’t easy. If you’re looking for the best simple blender to help you live a healthier lifestyle, you’ll need something that can effectively blend a wide variety of ingredients quickly and easily. There are dozens of different blender brands to choose from, and even more options when it comes to models and features. How do you narrow things down to make the best choice?

If you’re searching for the most powerful compact blender on the market that’s also easy to use and clean, consider looking at comparisons for Nutribullet vs Ninja products. Why? They’re two of the most tried and true compact style blender brands out there.

To help you decide on the best blender for your needs, we’ll be looking at the Nutribullet Pro and the Nutri Ninja Pro. Both of these products are high-powered compact blenders designed for efficiently extracting nutrients from various types of food. While their specifications aren’t exactly the same, they can both help you create delicious smoothies, shakes, juices, and even savory recipes such as soups or sauces.

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Nutribullet vs Ninja: Similarities

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 8-Piece High-Speed Blender

Appearance and DesignWhile the Ninja is heavier and bulkier, the Nutri Ninja Pro and the Nutribullet Pro both have a tube-like jar and a base with rounded edges. This design is meant to optimize the extraction of vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables using a cyclone motion.

Power and Wattage

Higher wattage is ideal for blending a wide range of ingredients, including frozen fruits and thick vegetables. The Nutri Ninja Pro and the Nutribullet Pro are both 900 watts, which is fairly high. There are higher wattage products available (for example, the 1100 watt Ninja Professional), but these models are generally larger and more expensive.

Note: The more popular Nutribullet blender found here is actually only 600 watts. You may see some comparison articles and videos looking at the 900 Nutri Ninja Pro with the 600 Nutribullet; keep in mind the differences in power and price and pay attention to wattage while you shop.

Easy Function and Maintenance

The Ninja and Nutribullet single-serve blenders work with a very straight-forward process. All you need to do is properly insert the ingredients and press down on the device until the materials are blended to your liking. There’s no buttons or complex programming. That’s why these products are a great choice for a busy person searching for something straightforward and effective.

Both blenders are also relatively easy and quick to clean. All you have to do is put in some water with a little bit of dish soap and blend for a few seconds before rinsing out. Additionally, both products are dishwasher safe.

Small and Simple

A downside to both blenders is that they only run at one speed, so they may not be ideal if you’re looking for something with more complex speed and pulsing options. Furthermore, they both have size limitations and you won’t be able to make very large batches of drinks or foods at one time.

Overall, if you don’t mind single-serve blending at one (powerful) speed, both blenders are great options to consider.

Nutribullet vs Ninja: Differences

Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456)

Blade Design

Each machine comes with a set of stainless steel blades for pulverizing and cutting through skins, stems, and seeds. However, the actual blade design differs between these two products, resulting in a different type of cutting and chopping motion. To see a more detailed review comparing the different blade designs of the Nutri Ninja Pro and the Nutribullet Pro, check out video blow:

Blending Performance

Since both blenders are 900 watts, does that mean they will blend food exactly the same way? Not really. The differing blades and construction make for slightly varying consistencies between the two, depending on what you’re trying to blend. For a demonstration comparing how the blenders do with fruit.

You’ll see that the juice blended by the Nutribullet appears to slightly chunkier compared with the Ninja. However, the two blenders both get the job done.

In this video, you’ll see both blenders being packed with vegetables, frozen fruit, and water. Once again, the results of the video demonstrate that the Nutri Ninja produces a finer smoothie. It’s important to note that tastes and textures will vary based on personal perspectives and textures of ingredients. Therefore, it’s difficult to say which one will taste better to you. If you get the chance, test out both and see what you like more!

Overall, the Nutri Ninja Pro seems to have the Nutribullet beat when it comes to smoothness.

Extra Features

The Nutri Ninja Pro comes with:

  • One 24 ounce cup and one 18 ounce cup
  • 75 recipe guide
  • Two sip and seal lids

The Nutribullet Pro 13 Piece comes with:

  • Hardcover recipe book
  • Two 32 ounce cups
  • Four lip rings (two regular lip rings and two lip rings with handles)
  • Two sip and seal lids

Remember that the exact extra features you get will depend on the model and edition of the blender you’re purchasing. For example, the 600-watt Nutribullet set only comes with 12 pieces. Spend some extra time looking at all the added features to find the best deal.

Considering Other Options

It’s worth noting that the Nutribullet Pro and the Nutri Ninja Pro are not the only Nutribullet vs Ninja blenders to consider. For example, the Ninja Professional is a much larger (and more expensive) option if you’re looking for larger capacity. Alternatively, the Magic Bullet is a lower-powered and more affordable blender that’s perfect for mixing simple drinks and smoothies.

Even if you have your choices narrowed down, try to consider all of your options to ensure you choose something that will give you the most satisfaction in the long run.

Nutribullet vs Ninja: Which One Should You Choose?

Nutribullet vs Ninja

The only way to resolve the Nutribullet vs Ninja debate is to figure out which product grants you the most benefits based on your specific needs, budget, and personal preferences. Both brands offer up a range of high-quality blenders, so choosing the best one for you will require a thorough assessment.

You should choose a Nutribullet if…

  • You want something that will get the job done. The Nutribullet Pro is a great product for blending most things that a Nutri Ninja Pro can blend, such as ice cubes or frozen bananas.
  • You like the extra features that the Nutribullet has to offer. For example, you’ll get a hardcover recipe book along with uniquely designed cups with handled lids. Compared with the Ninja, you’ll also be getting more replacement parts.

You should choose a Ninja if…

  • You want maximum blending power. With 900 watts and very sharp blades, the Nutri Ninja Pro is a favorable option if you need something that can thoroughly blend any ingredient to a smooth consistency within a few seconds.
  • You want a stronger, more reliable design. The Nutri Ninja Pro is built with a sturdy base that helps minimize leakage and movement while in use.

Nutribullet vs Ninja: My Recommendation

Based on the minimal technical problems and efficient blending power, I recommend choosing the Nutri Ninja Pro when compared with the Nutribullet. However, your preferences and experiences may be different, so look at the details for individual models and choose something that works best for your personal blending needs.

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