Napoleon Vs Weber – Zeroing On The Best Gas Grill: Read Befor You Buy

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Fierce competition can be witnessed between Napoleon and Weber gas grills. Where Weber has proved its mettle in the field of grills, Napoleon, an underdog can be seen gunning hard to get ahead of Weber. It’s the battle between an established brand like ‘Weber’ and a longshot named ‘Napoleon’, and the party to benefit from this intense battle is you ‘the consumers’.

Napoleon Vs Weber is going to be an interesting battle as there are a lot of similarities between the two brands and equal amount of differences, therefore, it will be exciting to see as to which brand overshadows other. So, without any further delay, let’s delve into the details of Napoleon Vs Weber.

Best Gas Grill Reviews Of The Two Brands

1. Weber 45010001 Black Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill

weber vs napoleon gas grill

Weber Spirit II E-310 is a beautiful gas grill sporting stainless steel burner having a heat capacity of 30,000 BTU. The burner ignites quickly, courtesy of ‘Electronic Crossover Ignition System’. Let’s find out what other features this gas grill comes with.

Highlights of Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill

  • Large cooking space of 424 square inches along with 105 square inches of warming rack.
  • Porcelain-enameled grates or flavorizer bars that infuse the best flavors in the food.
  • Stainless steel side tables for extra prep space or keeping condiments.
  • The unit is compatible with iGrill 3 Bluetooth Thermometer, thus allowing you to monitor the food on your smartphone, let it be an Android phone or iPhone.
  • Cleaning the grill is super easy, courtesy of disposable catch pan and sliding grease tray.

2. Weber 62016001 Genesis II E-435 LP Grill

weber vs napoleon gas grill

Another top gas grill coming from the house of Weber, but this time around, you will get a much larger cooking area, i.e., 646 square inches along with 198 square inches of warming rack. Let’s check out what else this unit has got.

Highlights of Weber Genesis II E-435 Grill

  • Four stainless steel burners for cooking multiple recipes simultaneously with sear station burner heat capacity at 9,000 BTUs and side burner heat capacity at 12,000 BTU. Total heating power of the unit is 48,000 BTUs.
  • The grill is iGrill 3 compatible, though you’ll have to get the accessory separately, you should get it to check the temperature of the food on your smartphone.
  • Cast iron cooking grates that are coated with a layer of Porcelain provide the best smoky flavor to the food.
  • Enclosed storage is added into the grill to store grilling tools and condiments.
  • The company offers a 10-year warranty on the grill. 

3. Weber Summit 7371001 E-670 Gas Grill

weber vs napoleon gas grill

This is a giant grill that has 769 square inches of cooking space of which 624 square inches is allocated for cooking and the rest 145 square inches to be used as a warming rack. The total heat power generated by all burners is 60,800 BTUs, which is higher than most gas grills at the same price range as this grill.

Highlights Of Weber Summit 7371001 E-670 Gas Grill

  • The inclusion of 6 stainless-steel burners along with snap-jet individual burner ignition system makes BBQ a breeze.
  • You will find a side burner, smoke burner, sear station burner, and infrared rotisserie burner, which add to the versatility of the grill.
  • Stainless steel cooking grates/flavorizer bars add intense smoked flavor into the food.
  • The grill is easy to clean, courtesy of an efficient grease management system, which includes a grease tray and catch pan.

4. Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1 Natural Gas Grill 

weber vs napoleon gas grill

Napoleon has really upped its game by launching LEX485RSIBNSS-1 Gas Grill, as it constitutes 805 square inches of cooking area and heat capacity of 74,000 BTUs. Moreover, the unit comprises of 6 burners to cook multiple recipes at a time. What else does this gas grill get, let’s find out.

Highlights Of Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1

  • Ceramic infrared bottom as well as a rear burner.
  • Cooking at night is also possible, courtesy of i-Glow Backlit Control knobs.
  • The inclusion of a double-walled lid holds heat perfectly and provides oven-like performance.
  • The grill ignites fast and easy, thanks to ‘JETFIRE Ignition System’ the grill is equipped with.

5. Napoleon T495SBNK Triumph Natural Gas

weber vs napoleon gas grill

When you have a party in the house, then you got to get this gas grill, as its 665 square inches of cooking space will allow you to cook for a small gathering of 10-12 people easily.

Highlights Of Napoleon T495SBNK Gas Grill

  • Four separate burners allow cooking four different meals at a time. If four burners aren’t able to meet the demand, then there is an additional side burner, which can be used.
  • The grill is made of zed cast iron with a coating of porcelain to ensure fast and even cooking. The grill has a wave grid pattern that adds beautiful grill marks on the food.
  • The burner and side tray comes with a foldable design.
  • The bottom drawer can be used to keep a wide range of things.
  • Beneath the grill, you’ll find a sloped surface where all the grease and fat would go into a drainage hole and then a catch tray. This ensures quick and hassle-free cleaning of the grill. 

Napoleon Vs Weber: Which Brand Reigns Supreme?

napoleon vs weber

As both brands have some excellent products to offer to the customers, it is really a daunting task to identify as to which brand is better than others. To simplify things, it is better to discuss the similarities and differences between the two brands.

Similarities Between Napoleon And Weber Gas Grills

With both brands going exceptionally well in the global market, it is obvious that both brands have many common features, so let’s shed light on those.

Cooking Area & Surface

Both Weber and Napoleon offer plenty of options in terms of cooking area and surface. The small grills have a cooking area of around 280 square inches whereas the largest grills have 700 to 800 square inches of cooking area.

Napoleon grills usually have a larger cooking area, but then, Weber overpowers it in other aspects. As far as cooking surface is concerned, then both brands make use of cast iron grills that are porcelain enameled, which ensure fast and even heating of the food.


Both brands greatly emphasize on the quality of burners, which is why you would see stainless steel burners being used in literally all the grills. However, Weber overpowers Napoleon in terms of quantity of burners, as you will find more burners being used even in the entry-level model of Weber from which you can get an idea as to how many burners a premium model by Weber would have. 

Heat Capacity

The efficiency of burners can be determined from their heat capacity that is determined in BTU (British Thermal Units). An entry-level model of each brand has less heat capacity than a premium model, but then, an entry-level cooks food for 2-4 people whereas a premium model is made for large gatherings.


Both brands equip their gas grills with a number of accessories such as side shelves, working tables, and warming rack. In some models, you will even get an enclosed cabinet to keep grilling tools and condiments.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Both brands have made arrangements for the safe accumulation of grease and fat by providing a grease tray and catching pan beneath the grilling area. The mechanism is so foolproof that you won’t see any flare-ups.

Once you are done with cooking, you can easily get rid of the grease and fat. Moreover, the porcelain enameled grates are also easy to clean, as you just need to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Those were the similarities, and now, it’s time to discuss the differences because that’s how you will be able to identify the better brand.

Differences Between Napoleon And Weber Gas Grills


While both brands offer sturdy gas grills, but Weber grills are a notch above their Napoleon counterparts. This is because of the selection of substantial grade products by Weber for manufacturing the grills. The product reviewing process of Weber is also quite stringent, which is why you won’t find Weber recalling its grills.

Napoleon, on the other hand, will also not disappoint you, as Napoleon has manufactured many solid gas grills, which last for decades. It’s just that the company is not as strict as Weber when it comes to selecting the material for manufacturing grills.

Advanced Features

When it comes to advanced features, Weber seems to have a definitive edge over Napoleon. Weber grills come with iGrill 3 High-Tech Grilling Thermometer, and it is not just any thermometer, but a highly advanced one, which connects with your smartphone, let it be an Android phone or an iPhone.

Therefore, you get the exact temperature of the food that is being cooked on the grill on your smartphone. There is no such feature available in Napoleon gas grills. Both brands have also added backlit knobs into the grills so as to allow cooking in dark, but this feature is only available in premium Weber models, whereas Napoleon has added backlit knobs in mid-range gas grills as well.

Ignition System

Both brands have their own unique ignition systems, as you would find Genesis II and Genesis II LX Ignition system in Weber Genesis Series gas grills, whereas in Napoleon Gas Grills, JETFIRE Ignition system is used. The best thing about JETFIRE Ignition System is that it is available in almost every gas grill made by Napoleon whereas Genesis II and Genesis II LX Ignition System is confined to a few models.


It is easier to transport a Weber grill than a Napoleon one, as Weber gives many options that allow easy transportation. Moreover, the weight of a Weber grill isn’t that much despite the fact that stainless steel and cast iron are used for manufacturing the unit. Napoleon grills can also be transported, but you will have to put in extra efforts.


Weber grills come with GS4 High-Performance Grilling System, which makes sure that the food is perfectly grilled with all the natural flavors kept intact. Napoleon also grills the food to perfection, but then, a lot depends on your knowledge as well, whereas, in Weber, you can leave things to the grill to some extent.

Napoleon Vs Weber: Which One Should You Buy

You should choose Napoleon Gas Grill if

  • You want to make grilling convenient and easy.
  • You are looking to grill food in the dark.
  • You want the food to be crispy from the outside and moist from inside because Napoleon grills come with infrared grilling system.
  • You are interested in getting a long-lasting grilling unit.

Choose a Weber Gas Grill if:

  • You are looking for a reliable and versatile grilling unit that has cutting-edge ignition technology.
  • You want to have a grill that supports a wide range of accessories to allow you to multitask.
  • You want to check the precise temperature of the food that is being grilled on the grates on your smartphone.
  • You are looking to take the grill along on trips.

Final Verdict

The competition between Napoleon and Weber is going to further steam up with new products being launched by both brands in the upcoming days. However, this time around, Weber seems to have an upper hand in Napoleon Vs Weber because of its strong reputation and expertise when it comes to manufacturing gas grills.

Napoleon is a close second and can easily surpass Weber if it gets even slightly casual with its approach. However, products from both brands are efficient and reliable, so you can pick any gas grill from the list that you think would suit your requirements the best.