Zeroing In On The Best Pellet Grill Through Reviews

Choosing the right pellet grill can be a daunting task for a beginner or someone who has no time comparing dozens of pellet grills available on the market.

There are many things to consider before you could come across the best pellet grill reviews. You need to find that product that suits your budget and has all the features that you are looking to have in your pellet grill.

You need a pellet grill that keeps the best quality to price ratio and lasts for years while providing you with delicious food every time.

Where pellet grills were not able to maintain a fixed temperature in the past, but that problem has been eradicated in the modern-day models.

Back in the day, there used to be pellet grills that had three-level controllers, which allowed three range temperature setting.

Honestly speaking, those models were poor because maintaining the right temperature was an arduous task.

There is no such problem in new models, as these are equipped with most advanced systems. Sophisticated temperature controllers are now available in pellet grills.

I have also seen multi-stage digital controllers in some pellet grills, which I believe is there for a better temperature control, which in my opinion is of paramount importance when it comes to grilling.

If you don’t want to lose your money and nerves, then I would recommend you to read pellet grill reviews, as these will help you make a better selection.

But, before we delve in the pellet grill reviews, it is important that you know how pellet grill works and what things to keep in mind while buying a pellet grill.

What To Look For When Buying A Pellet Grill?

I really like the way how pellet smokers work because there is a huge advantage that I’m getting when using these products to cook food.

A pellet smoker is of a higher standard than other types of smokers. But, that doesn’t mean you can buy the least bought model and expect the best food from it.

There are a lot of things to think about while buying a pellet grill because one wrong decision will make that product a liability than an asset.

Cooking Size

In a small and cheap smoker, you will get a cooking area of about 300-400 square inches. You can easily grill up to a dozen of burgers, a small turkey or two racks of ribs, so it is a good choice for a small family.

But, if there are dozens of people waiting for food, then a smoker with that cooking area will definitely be not enough.

Large and expensive smokers can have up to 900 square inches of cooking area, which is good enough to fill the stomach of your entire street.

These smokers are also a lot more convenient when you are looking to cook multiple things at once. You can place multiple racks of ribs, dozens of burgers, a couple of chicken/turkeys and multiple fish, etc.

Temperature Control

You need to pay a close attention to temperature settings and controls because how well the food is cooked depends on how precise are temperature controls.

You will find built-in thermostats in high-quality smokers to control the temperature. Moreover, some smokers accompany meat thermometers as well, which provide information as to how much the temperature it is inside the smoker.

As you begin to cook, the internal temperature of the meat will rise, which you can determine using a meat thermometer.

It saves you from assuming as to how much time it will take to cook the food. You will have the exact temperature at your disposal, so there are fewer chances of food being burned.

You should opt for a smoker that comes with an inbuilt meat thermometer even if you have a meat thermometer at home.

An inbuilt thermometer will directly send the readings to the smoker’s computer and then, adjust the cooking based on the temperature.

One drawback in cheap smokers is that they have cheap control panels, which only allow setting of temperature to some discrete settings. You will just be able to set the temperature high or low.

Pellet Capacity

If you are thinking of having a smoker in which you set everything up and leave the smoker to itself, then you will have to make sure that there are enough wood pellets in the pellet hopper.

On an average, a pellet smoker will consume ½ lbs to 2 lbs in an hour. So, you need to have enough stock of wood pellets so that smoker continues to work even when you are away from home.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A pellet grill should be easy to clean because you don’t want to indulge in a tiresome cleaning process after spending multiple hours on a cooking meal for everyone on the smoker.

Pellet smokers burn sawdust wood, so you will see ash residue and smoke deposits accumulated inside the machine.

Along with that, there will be a lot of stubborn grease stuck on the grill that needs to be cleaned or else it will attract bacteria and bugs.

The cleaning process is fast and easy for expensive smokers as they have been assimilated with the latest technology that ensures fast and efficient cleaning.

Top 5 Best Grill Reviews Available On The Market

1. Camp Chef Deluxe Pellet Grill & Smoker BBQ

best pellet grill reviews

I have found several amazing features in this product that I believe would come in handy in the cooking process. You can expect to get a really great smoked flavor with this pellet grill.

This pellet grill is not that expensive and neither cheap, but falls somewhere in between. This pellet grill is a perfect balance between price and features, which is something that many people are interested in.

You will get a big cooking surface in this pellet grill, and by big I mean 429 sq. in., of the cooking area along with 141 sq. in., of the rack.

This pellet grill is ideal for big parties. You will also get an extra heated rack, which you can remove any time.

I also like the temperature control feature of this pellet grill. You are getting a digital control panel in which all the functions have been elaborated properly.

You just need to set the desired temperature, and once you do that, the smoker will keep on supplying pellets to the smoker to maintain the temperature that you’ve set. The temperature ranges from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also check the internal temperature of the meat using meat probe that comes with this pellet grill.

You don’t have to open the grill to check the temperature, and by doing this, the heat also doesn’t dissipate from inside the grill.

Ash removal system of this product is also quite excellent because it is a patented system that you will not find on any other grill.

There is a cup under the grill where the ash will be collected. You just need to twist the cup in order to throw out the ash. The process is quick, easy and effective.

The overall construction of this pellet grill is just commendable because it lets all the grease and fat drip to the bucket that is placed on the side.

Once the fat and grease fully fill the bucket, then you can easily clean the old bucket or replace it with a new one.

Cleaning this pellet grill is not a daunting task let me tell you this. Admit it, we all hate to spend time on cleaning after having meals.

But, this grill won’t take much time, as ash will be accumulated in the cup, fat and grease will be accumulated in the bucket, so just clean those two things, and your 80% grill cleaning task is complete.


  • Large cooking surface.
  • Sophisticated temperature controls.
  • Meat probe.
  • Dump tray for easy cleaning.


  • Short Warranty.

2. Traeger Grills Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill

best pellet grill

This is another great pellet grill that justifies its price with its robust construction and top-class performance.

For proper cooking of food, the company has incorporated a highly advanced digital controller that ensures excellent searing of meat in low temperatures and flawless cooking if using as a regular grill. The smoker can reach the maximum temperature of 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The product consists of a digital elite controller that helps it maintain the temperature within +/- 20 degrees Fahrenheit. You will find all the information such as settings and temperature on the LED display.

I really like the electronic ignition facility in this product, as it is fast, convenient and reliable. The grill grates have been given the coating of porcelain, which prevents rust from appearing on the grill.

You can clean this pellet grill quickly with the help of a delicate brush. You are getting a good cooking space with this pellet grill, i.e., 418 square inches of cooking space, which is good to prepare food for several people.

If you are looking for a versatile pellet grill, then this model is the one that fits perfectly to your requirements, as it can sear or braise meat at low temperatures, cook and bake food like a regular grill. This pellet grill can enhance the taste of food with a wood-fired taste.


  • Get rich wooden smoke flavor in your food.
  • Decent cooking space.
  • A versatile machine.


  • Not equipped with advanced features such as meat probe or Wi-Fi.
  • An expensive pellet grill.

3. Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill

best pellet grill reviews

Rec Tec is undoubtedly a beast when it comes to pellet grills. It combines amazing build quality with exceptional cooking performance and a diligent design that you will not find in other pellet grills.

Moreover, it is quite easy to use, as everything has been provided by the company by default, so you just need to push a button to start the cooking process.

With this smoker at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about any damage because this smoker is rust and corrosion free.

The robust construction of the smoker along with environment proof paint make this smoker a long-lasting product.

That was about the hardware of the product, now let’s discuss the technology that has been incorporated into this smoker.

It consists of an internal grill temperature monitor, which makes use of Rec Tec’s proprietary technology.

This technology makes sure that the internal temperature is precisely what has been set by the user.

There is a feature called Xtreme smoke feature, which if activated will take the temperature of the smoker between 180 degrees Fahrenheit and 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a large cooking space of 702 square inches, you can place 3-4 turkeys or several racks of ribs at one time. This beast is going to make sure that every single guest in the house gets back home satisfied. 

Cleaning this smoker is also an easy task, as you can place a foil into the drip pan, and then, swap over that piece of foil to clean all the fat and grease.

You just need to fill the hopper with coal once and it will last multiple weeks, as the hopper capacity of this smoker is mammoth 40 lbs.


  • Operating this device is as easy as it gets.
  • Gigantic cooking space.
  • 40 pounds hopper capacity.
  • Advanced technology for fast and efficient cooking.


  • Quite an expensive smoker, but you are getting some best-in-the-class features as well.

4. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker

best pellet grill reviews

From the day it was launched into the market, this product has never looked back. This smoker is near perfection when it comes to getting delicious food.

A very easy to use the smoker in which you can easily maintain temperatures for a number of hours without any problem.

Everything in this smoker has been added to add to the convenience of the users. From lid-mounted thermometer to the intuitive front door handle and heat shield at the bottom, every feature added in this smoker serves its purpose in the most suitable way.

Despite having a decent cooking space of 481 square inches, this pellet grill seems quite durable.

I really like to applaud the company for constructing this product in such a way that it can serve the purpose of feeding several people at a time, plus users can take it along on trips as well.

The product is made of heavy-duty steel and has a porcelain coating, which will protect the smoker from rust and all other damages.


  • Cooking grates will not rust easily because they are nickel-plated.
  • An all-round smoker that has all the features of the latest charcoal smoker.
  • A perfect smoker for beginners.
  • Ideal for outdoor trips because of its durable construction.
  • Weber is offering a 10-year warranty on the product.


  • The price of this smoker is the higher side compared to other smokers with same functionality and features.
  • Requires assembling before using.

5. Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package

best pellet grill reviews

This amazing product by Pit Barrel is perfect for grilling different types of meat. This smoker comes with a still grill gate that allows the smoker to function like a grill.

The smoker also incorporates deep and additional temperature control, which will come into use when you are searing steak and cooking at higher temperatures without any lid.

If you are more of an outdoor cooking enthusiast, then this product is ideal for you. This smoker is lightweight, compact and portable, so you can easily carry it along on your SUV or truck.

Despite a lesser cooking space of around 324 square inches, you can still cook a number of items at one time.

Food cooked in this smoker is going to be delicious, no doubt about that, but you will be able to enjoy that smoky flavor, which I guess we all buy a smoker for.


  • You just need to unwrap the box, take the smoker out, fill in some coals, light it up and start cooking. No assembling required.
  • This smoker allows vertical cooking, thus ensuring the natural flavor of smoke to be infused in the meat.
  • This is a highly versatile smoker with multiple grilling options from quick to slower and hot cooking.
  • You can easily place up to 8 rib racks in this smoker at once. There are hooks provided in the smoker for hanging big turkeys.
  • The smoker is going to withstand harsh weather conditions because of its high-quality steel along with porcelain enamel coating.
  • A highly durable product that can be carried along anywhere.


  • Hardly any room for temperature control as the smoker is specifically designed to operate at a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To maintain a specific temperature for a long duration, this smoker is going to consume more charcoal with good consistency.

How do Pellet Grills work?

If wood furnaces are used in the area you reside in instead of heat strips, then you are most likely to be aware of pellet furnaces.

In a nutshell, pellets are filled in a hopper and then, fed into the burn pot by making use of an electric auger system.

The role of the auger is to deliver pellets to the burn pot at a certain speed that is defined by the smoker’s thermostat. 

As you ignite the burn pot, the pellets will start burning. The heat will then be carried through the home, which will allow the airflow along with the blend of cool and warm air to maintain a steady temperature inside the grill.

Burned pellets produce smoke, which is going to give your food a smoky flavor, which is what people are crazy about.

If there is any extra fuel left inside the smoker in the form of oxygen, then it is going to be transferred to the burn pot to boost the burn rate and also help in regulating efficient and steady burn. Lesser the temperature, greater will be the smoke.

Final Verdict

Determining the best pellet grill was never going to be an easy task, and it certainly wasn’t. I have tried to provide you an unbiased perspective of the five best pellet grills reviews that are available on the market right now.

All five products are extremely efficient in getting you the food you’ve been craving to have for a long-long time.

You must be thinking as to which smoker should you go for, right? Well, you need to create a list of features that you want in your smoker and match with the features that I have discussed in each of those five smokers.

You will definitely find a smoker that perfectly suits your requirements, so you just have to go with that without thinking too much.

 Having a pellet grill at home will give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite food any time, so get the best pellet smoker right now.

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